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By law, if you have been injured by the negligence of another person or company, you are likely entitled to compensation for your pain and loss. Personal Injury Attorney, Chris Arce, know what it takes to take a case to court. Personal injury lawsuits sometimes get a bad rap, making it seem like the injured person is just trying to make a buck off of the accident. However, people don’t understand how costly it can be to make a full recovery. Medical bills add up from treatment and doctors visits. Many people are out of work and have no way to pay these bills or their own expenses.

At The Law Office of Chris Arce, we are committed to recovering the compensation our clients need to cover the cost of recovery and ensure that they get the treatment they need. Based in San Antonio, our personal injury attorneys have won verdicts and settlements in the millions of dollars against those responsible for injuring our clients. This includes drunk drivers, construction site supervisors who failed to enforce safety regulations, companies and manufacturers who released products that hurt people, and surgeons or hospitals that fail to deliver an adequate level of care or diagnosis.

San Antonio Texas Personal Injury Attorney

At the Law Office of Chris Arce we are ready to fight for you and your family! Attorney, Chris Arce, is an expert in the area of Personal Injury Law. Our Pre-Litigation team consists of bilingual professionals that are ready to fight for you!  Our professional team works together to provide the best results.  Our Litigation Team will take your case to trial.  Our attorneys have spent their career litigating and are recognized experts in personal injury law. At The Law Office of Chris Arce we know that two is better than one and that is why we work as a team to give you the best result son your injury case!

Experts in Car Wrecks and Motor Vehicle-Related Accidents in San Antonio, TX

Learn more about our personal injury practice as it relates to injuries caused by trucks, cars, buses, motorcycles and more:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents, I-10 and I-35 naturally produce many auto and motor vehicle accident-related injuries.
  • Truck Accidents, injuries involving big rig 18-wheelers, delivery trucks or other commercial vehicles
  • Motorcycle Accidents, injuries often occur when the injured biker was not wearing a helmet
  • Distracted Driver Accidents, injuries involving cellphone use or other acts of driver negligence
  • Serious catastrophic accidents, these types’ injuries can be devastating to family and loved ones often resulting in death.

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No need to worry about our attorneys fees. Our initial consultation is complimentary, and we take most of our cases on a contingency fee basis. Contact us today to get started.

Most Frequent Personal Injury Cases We Service

Truck Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Company Vehicle Accidents

Oilfield Injuries

Work Zone Accidents

Employment Injury Law

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Assist You

  • Our Lawyers can take the pressure off you while you focus on healing. In a personal injury case, a lawyer can handle every aspect of your claim, from gathering evidence and managing any communications, to negotiating a settlement and representing you in court. Regardless of what your claim needs, our lawyers can help.


  • Our lawyers help by investigating your accident and pulling together evidence to back up your claim. Everything from medical records to expert analysis may be involved. Regardless of what your claim needs, our lawyers can fight to get it all.


  • We will help manage any communications surrounding your claim. During a personal injury claim, you may be contacted by third-parties, authorities, insurance companies, and many others. This can be overwhelming, but we can act as an intermediary, allowing you to relax and recover knowing that a professional is protecting your interests.


  • We will also assist with negotiations overcompensation. In some injury cases, those responsible for your injuries may be willing to settle – but for as little money a they can get away with. You need an attorney to fight for what you really deserve. Negotiations can be very complex and very involved, so it’s important to have a seasoned negotiator on your side who knows the process. A lawyer can provide the negotiation skills and
    strength that your claim needs.


  • One final way that we can take the pressure off you is by handling any courtroom work related to your claim. In some cases, a claim may need to go to court to secure appropriate compensation. Our lawyers know what the process involves and can take care of any court filings, arguments, and legal strategy that your claim needs. A court case can be a stressful experience, but our attorneys can bear that burden for you.

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