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Arrested and accused of a crime in San Antonio? Let Attorney Chris Arce be by your side and fight for you!

Criminal Defense

In order to avoid serious consequences such as fines, fees and jail time, it is essential that you have a skilled and aggressive lawyer by your side. The lawyer will be fighting for your right at every step of the way.

A good and professional criminal defense attorney will work tirelessly to build a strong defense case and come up with a strategy that will obtain the best possible results for you. We make sure that you do not end up paying for the mistake for the rest of your life.

Our criminal lawyers will provide you a consultation. This initial consultation will provide you an opportunity to discuss the entire case in detail with the attorney, tell them the consequences and circumstances involved in leading to the crime, the people involved, etc.

Criminal charges threaten to upend your life and leave you bearing the burden of a conviction of years to come.

Hiring the right defense lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Representation is vital – don’t try to defense against these charges alone.

We defend against many types of crime, including:

Assault & Domestic Violence

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Sex Crimes

Juvenile Offense

Vehicle Manslaughter

Felony Offenses

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Drug Offense

Marijuana Defense

Criminal Record Expungement

Weapons Offense

Charged With A Crime?

It is very important that you take the necessary steps to protect your rights by speaking immediately with a defense lawyer who can offer you the help that you need. Your attorney at The Law Office of Chris Arce, PLLC will be able to maximize your chances of success. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you need to do everything you can to help ensure that you will not face harsh consequences such as jail time, extensive fines, probation, loss of license, vehicle impoundment, community service and more.

The lawyers at our firm are dedicated to building close, personal relationships with each and every one of our clients. You will not receive a bland, cookie-cutter defenses. You won’t ever feel like your important case has been put on the back burner. Our legal team is devoted to providing you with the top-notch legal services you deserve with the skill you would expect from a premier legal firm. 

When you are arrested, it can be scary, embarrassing moment, but the U.S. Constitution gives you certain rights. Remember, an arrest is not a conviction, and there are all kinds of legal defenses that an experienced criminal defense attorney can use in a court of law.

Keys To Beating A Criminal Charge:

Preparation & Experience

There is at least one defense against every criminal charge. Your attorney’s job is to identify any defenses you may have, and then advocate for you and convince the judge, jury or prosecutor that those defenses are valid. That is where knowledge of the law, experience, insight and attention to detail are necessary.

Attorney Chris Arce prepares every criminal case, no matter how severe the charges are, with the intention of winning an acquittal or dismissal before trial if possible, but at trial if necessary.

Chris Arce began and continues his practice in Criminal Law in and around Bexar County and is very familiar with region’s justice system. Mr, Arce is not afraid to go up agains any prosecutor whether state or federal and to fight for you!

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Whether you are facing drug charges, weapons charges, racketeering charges or any other criminal allegations, Chris Arce has the experience and reputation to fight for your rights. To schedule your legal strategy session, please contact Mr Arce’s office at 210-882-0220 or by email.

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